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Labor Code Section 202 An employee without a written employment contract for a definite period of time who quits without giving 72 hours prior notice must be paid all of his or her wages, including accrued vacation, within 72 hours of quitting.An employee who quits without giving 72-hours prior notice may request that his or her final wage payment be mailed to a designated address.Labor Code Section 204 Overtime wages must be paid no later than the payday for the next regular payroll period following the payroll period in which the overtime wages were earned.An employer shall be in compliance with Labor Code Section 226(a) relating to total hours worked by the employee if the overtime hours are recorded as a correction on the itemized statement for the next regular pay period and include the dates of the pay period for which the correction is being made.A "good faith dispute" that any wages are due occurs when an employer presents a defense, based in law or fact which, if successful, would preclude any recovery on the part of the employee.The fact that a defense is ultimately unsuccessful will not preclude a finding that a good faith dispute did exist.The payment of wages to employees covered by this section may be mailed to the employee or made available to the employee at a location specified by the employer in the county where the employee was hired or performed labor.The payment shall be deemed to have been made on the date that the employee's wages are mailed to the employee or made available to the employee at the location specified by the employer, whichever is earlier.


Labor Code Section 207 Wages earned between the 1 and last day of the month, must be paid within seven calendar days of the end of the payroll period within which the wages were earned.

The place of final wage payment for employees who quit without giving 72 hours prior notice and who do not request that their final wages be mailed to them at a designated address, is at the office of the employer within the county in which the work was performed. Direct deposits of wages to an employee's bank, saving and loan, or credit union account that were previously authorized by the employee are terminated when an employee quits or is discharged, and the payment of wages upon termination of employment in the manner described above shall apply UNLESS the employee has voluntarily authorized that deposit and provided that the employer complies with the provisions of Labor Code Section 213(d) relating to the payment of wages upon termination or quitting of employment.

An employer who willfully fails to pay any wages due a terminated employee (discharge or quit) in the prescribed time frame may be assessed a waiting time penalty.

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In California, wages, with some exceptions (see table below), must be paid at least twice during each calendar month on the days designated in advance as regular paydays.

For purposes of this section, an employment terminates when the employment relationship ends, whether by discharge, lay off, resignation, completion of employment for a specified term, or otherwise.



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