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While they were chatting with the "girl", researchers gathered information about her customers through social media.Using this information, researchers identified the abusers and passed the information on to police.

What would Trike Patrol be if we didn’t acknowledge this momentous occasion with a special Inauguration-themed episode?The European Space Agency's four Cluster satellites are currently zipping around in formation in space.They launched in 2000 and scientists recently awakened a very old webcam on board one of the satellites.The Lazarus-like device is still operational and provided the researchers back on Earth with a very interesting space selfie.

The ESA presented the selfie in the form of an animation of 27 separate frames.It’s a rather well-done (especially for the Philippines) replica of the United States’ Presidential Oval Office inside a modestly priced Manila hotel which will remain unnamed.


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    The information on public profiles, including photos, relationship preferences, and physical description, could also be accessed.

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    This file is in the PHP folder and it has the correct path to the file.

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